Light of Salvation

Wow. I forgot blogs existed. Honestly. How sad.
But I'm back (:
Maths is killing me and I think I killed facebook and twitter with me, poor souls. No one but paula put up with me really, so to paula I am grateful (:
And drea miskina (: To the ends of the earth we will go.. Fill us with poweerrr.. (8)
I like tim hughes a lot atm tbh.
So anyway, lately I've had loads of dreams and hopes running around in my head that to be quite honest are making me dizzy and giving me a headache everyday. Now it's always good to dream, but headaches aren't good I'm guessing. I'm not sure really. I'm just having a hormonal stage of happy-sad-stressed-confused-sad-worried-stressed-confused. And that's how I feel like all the time. I might explode I tell you. But no one is gonna read this I bet, I abandoned my poor blog months ago. Only posting emo stories really.
I've learnt how to smile again (: I have tarzan and jonny and bobbie to make me happy.
Persecution isn't fun and tbh it's like people are finding me a target to laugh at lately, I don't like it. Respect my beliefs and shut your faces is what I constantly want to scream. But that wouldn't be to good of me.
My head hurts but I still have 5 topics to get through. The library started to hurt my ass again. My muscles are stiff, but life is still epic. Cause I have friends (: Don't ever take them for granted guys, they're the most like.. awesome element to get mixed into anyones life (:

So I have a challenge for you kids.. Smile even when you're unhappy this week, and make sure to smile at a person you've never even acknowledged in one of your classes. It's always good to smile, you live longer that way (:

Keep Faith
Zoe x