New Year.

I can't quite put my finger on why the fuss over one night. One night can change your life. But usually this life change is unplanned and random. Not on the last day of the year.
Everyone's going crazy about New Year's Eve. But why?
"What party are you going to? What are you going to wear? Whose house are you drinking at? Who's your date? What shoes are you wearing? Tie colour? Dress smart? Money forked out?"
So many headaches caused by one night. 7-8 hours of partying, drinking, and only God sees what else goes on.
Through past experience I have learnt my lesson that it's just not worth it.
It's just another night in the year where the date changes and so much effort is put into this night I think sometimes people just over do it.
Don't plan, just do. I learnt that from having my plans crushed after wanting to get away from the headache that is trying to organize something with your friends by going abroad. Avoiding it all. The headache. The regrets and the arguments.
Seeing as that has now blown up in my face by as always my repeated mistake in life that is, trusting too much on others, I am now left with the question that I was oh so much wanting to avoid.. "What am I going to do for New Years Eve?"
My answer?

Chinese food and a Marvel marathon.

Happy holidays everyone X