Not Ashamed..

You realise how sometime's we feel ashamed of what we might truely be?
In my case.. I'm a christian and I love God and turn to Him in any occasion and I feel I should be a witness... But sometime's I feel comfort in the saying "It's easier said then done"

Lately I've been going through a dry spill but the thing is I still had a thirst for God and praised Him, but I wasn't praying my usual prayer time.. I mean I was like.. too lazy.. and too busy...
I also changed a bit.. Felt myself going a bit down, as in I drank.. not to the extent of getting drunk I would never allow myself to do that.. But I'm sure I was tipsy to the point that I was too happy to function..

But like I kind of realised tonight.. that in the end God forgave me now.. I only needed to forgive myself..

Saying I'm a christian and not being ashamed and afraid is one of the greatest gifts one can have in life.. and telling people and being a witness to them is even better..

It can be in small things like not swearing and when I say swearing I mean saying haq and God's name following..

But guys don't be afraid for He is God.. And we can do anything with Him through us.. does that make sense??

I hope so ^^
And thanks to all those people that left comments in my family post.. truely appreciated and yes I shall be joining you for Soul Survivor :D!

And guys.. not going to paceville to go to mass should be the coolest thing on the face of the planet ok :P?
Coz we are the Jesus generation :)!

Gbu all siblings
Infinite X's&O's


All of us seem to be having problems one time or another with our family this summer..
I wonder what it is.. My problem all started last night when i asked for my curfew to be extended by one hour.. while i was out with my sister.. and the ans was no.. and after that for asking that i got grounded... to the point where she didn't want to let me go into work this morning!! like what the hell???
Now cause I didn't want to go to the beach with them they'v taken away my laptop (im writing this blog on betsy my editing comp..) my mobile and they told me I can't go to soul survivor... Now I rly can't think of what a good christian would do...because right now I just feel like tearing their throats out..
I should have gone to gozo this weekend and all my troubles would be here in Malta... Non existant..

And tmrw Drea leaves and I won't see her for a whole month coz of my vry nice parents... Sometime's I just wish they could realise that I'm not perfect and that all the mistakes they do that I ignore.. are going to stop being ignored now that everytime I make one mistake they jump down my throat... and what's worse is my mom went back on her promise of letting me go to soul survivor... the trip I'v been planning for months and that I paid for and that was granted to me for getting into sixth form...
Cause yes I passed my O-levels.. And I'm working for my parents and I'm helping my mom with house chores... Now... What more can I do for her??
She told me i should start buying the groceries and I was like give me the list and I'll go ux... WHAT MORE CAN I DO FOR HER?!?!
maaa.. She's seriously just letting out all the stress she has on ME.. while I let it out on this stupid internet page that no one reads... and I mean who would read a whole post about me complaining about my family??

It's all mad in my opinion and I wish I had some where to escape to.. But I don't ...

I would go to the chapel... But right now as much as I know God is the only one that can resolve this.. I'm not in the mood to pray..

How horrible...

And to add insult to injury i wept my eyes out when my parents left the house.. like real tears streamed down my face.. which usually never happens unless something bad happens to me.. te last time I cried was when I was going through a hard time with the mime..

I feel claustrophobic.. Like everything's closing in

I'm gna miss Drea =[ and if I actually don't go to soul survivor... You'll find me knocking on someone's door cause I would have run away from this hell...


Sometime's we get caught up in such materialistic things that we forget that in this life we'r all the same..
As a friend of mine would say... "In the end we all die... so what's the use?"
Now I'm not saying we should use that mentality.. but seriously... some things can be avoided can't they?
Like the stress that most girls put on themselves.. to have the nicest hair, have the best boyfriend, flirt with guys just so you can gain confidence, find the perfect dress and nails, wear all the pink you can find and just laugh and pretend not to get the joke just so the boys and pick on you and call you blonde...

Don't you think it's just all a joke? In my own way I can be very materialistic, I care a bit too much about how I look when I'm out and it just frustrates me that, I have enough money to buy a whole meal at Mc Donalds but decide not to just to save money and then end up using the money on something stupid when I could have easily loved to have been more full that night I went out to eat with my friends...

But then people all over the world have no clue of what a burger actually tastes like but I have that luxury and don't use it!
How horrible..

We (including me) can get so wrapped up in the things and people around us that in the end we end up loosing who we really are to become something so materialistically fake... and i just think it's sad...

I dno why I'm writing this post just think I should let these feelings out...

Gbu all siblings
infinite x's and o's