It's happening!

Wow, one down. I admit it is not as scary as I dreamt A-levels would be. But I did freak out a lot before I actually began the exam. But I'm gonna have to blame it on the 2 energy drinks I took before I got there, I think they got to me, you know due to the jumping, shaking and blood shot eyes that I seemed to have that I noticed before I entered the building. OH, and the most horrid thing happened, so in the exam I was curious as to why every girl in my class seemed to be getting up to go to the bathroom, and having the insane need to urinate myself I said I'd go check out what's so exciting out there. Anyway, I get into the bathrooms and all I see is YELLOW [yes, yellow!] water. And please note on one of the toilets, there was a broken chair hanging there. If that didn't make me vomit in my mouth and push my piss back straight up into my bladder, I went to wash my hands and YELLOW [again] water came out, I was so shocked I nearly puked right there and then. I just ran back to my classroom, and being the person that I am I obviously on my way in knocked over a bag and literally fell back into my seat! I will never EVER go to the bathroom at any other exam AGAIN! [Or use bathrooms at government schools]

On a brighter note, I also have this new found obsession with finding bands on Myspace. It's fun, but time consuming :)
And I still haven't found a summer job! Any ideas guys? I am so lost at this! I really need the money, plus if I am thinking about a gap year to decide what I want to do with my life hence I need a job to keep myself alive!
I hate gap years, I'm so torn up about this. Not going back to school is like a major thing, and it's not that I don't want to. It's just that I really want to study abroad but I don't want to live alone. I'm torn in two here xD

Noow, who's excited about Maths? Oh I'm so looking forward to getting that exam over and done with! I don't care if I get a D [If I get anything lower then a D, I will have to cry and resit cause I will not accept such low grades being listed with my A-level results]
Anyway, if any of you know of any summer jobs open, pleaseee let me know! And if there are any math-sheldon-geniuses again please let me know! XD

Arrivederci x


Ahhhh *sigh* what beautifullllll weather. I love it, sunny, nice, breezy... Totally inspiring.. What I would give to be somewhere with the Nikon atm.. which btw now has the official name of Harmony.
Alas, I shall soon be off to a mathematics marathon of work anddd till now I shall sketch my time away looking at the sky (: I'm loving this new blogger template though (Y)

Yesterday we watched Remember Me.. Now I am not a person who cries in films.. That's Sara's job, but... I don't know I hate any film... Hmmm spoiler alert, I shall refrain from saying what I was about to say.

I've got... approximately 2 weeks now till my A-levels and I am still not stressed out.. SCORE!
Ah well.. I guess... I'll manage?

But for now I am totally physced out about changing my room. I discussed things with my parents and lime and blue walls + a book case is in order (:

Oh and my next big expenditure.. [other then SS] will be this...
Ahhh *drools*

I'm so happy (:

And look at this babe! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hate money, but I totally need to become a millionaire sometime soon!