Dry Spill

So I decided that my life has turned into a rut. Which is not a good sign in summer months. I'm turning my life around and looking at everything like I used to. In a positive way. Resits will be good. Whichever school I wish to go to will be good because I need to be there and be happy with what I'm blessed with. An education.

But also, my quiet time. I don't have much of it since A-levels. I picked up my bible and I just want to keep reading this psalm over and over really.

Psalm 42

As a deer thirsts for streams of water
so I thirst for you, God.
Let them lead me to your holy mountain,
to where you live.
Then I will go to the altar of God,
to God who is my joy and happiness.
I will praise you with a harp,
God, my God.

Why am I so sad?
Why am I so upset?
I should put my hope in God
and keep praising him,
my Saviour and my God.

I feel like I wrote them in a way cause it's exactly what I'm going through at the moment and these words are just so.. refreshing to me at this moment. Just like Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 29:11 are.
Like who knows, maybe one day I'll be where I want to be in life, of real. And I'll get the grades I deserve and the job I want, even though don't know what job that might be just yet.. But my future is planned out. So.. relax. I'm just gonna work hard and get to where God wants me to get. Yes? Good plan? Si, l'ho penso anch'io.

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